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Production of Olive Oil, Wine, and genuine Tuscan products | Germagnana Farmhouse
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Olive oil

Our olive trees are the typically Tuscan varieties: moraiolo, leccino and frantoio.

Olives are collected manually, following the procedure called “brucatura”, at the right stage of ripening. They are then cold pressed possibly on the same day they are collected.

Our olive oil is amber-green in color and slightly fruity smell and taste, with final light spicy notes.

It is particularly suitable for seasoning of uncooked food and the ideal ingredient for Mediterranean diet since it’s easy to digest and has good nutritional value.

The Germagnana olive oil is excellent for seasoning cooked vegetables, salads, legumes, polentas, bruschette and dips for vegetables.

Moreover, since its peroxide values are very low it is well preserved from oxidation and ageing.


The Wine

The vineyard of Germagnana Farm-house is located in one of the Chianti areas, on the east side of the farm; it is exposed to the sun for all the summer and it consists of about 7.000,00 square meters of land. Chianti is one of the noblest wine in the world and its name comes from the land of Tuscany, in the observance of strict rules for its best quality. Chianti wine has a brilliant ruby colour and a deep odour.

Between may and june the vines begin to bloom and during the second half of june the flower becomes fruit. The grapes begin to colour and here is the ripening, that brings to the grapes all the necessary substances to have wine.

In september month, thanks to the unsettled weather, the ripening process ends and then there is the grape harvest. During the month of october, we pick up the grapes to put them in the cellar where they’ll be cleaned and pressed to obtain the must. Then, the must will remain in the barrels where there will be the alcoolic fermentation for about two weeks. Now the wine is ready to taste.

Germagnana Farm-house wine is a kind of Sangiovese and, as well as all the red Tuscany wines, is good to drink eating grilled red meats, cheeses, and above all eating the white truffle of San Miniato.

It’s better to open the bottle a little bit before drinking the wine, to let the wine oxigenates. This wine is perfect to drink at the temerature of 16/18 degrees centigrade. Anyway, a taste of Germagnana Farm-house wine will be offered to all the guests.

Kitchen garden and poultry pen

On the back of the Farm-house buildings, a little bit apart from the chairs and the tables of the garden and from the swimming-pool, there are the kitchen garden and the poultry pen.

The kitchen garden is located on the top of a little hill in a perfect location to enjoy the sun at 360 degrees during all the day and it consists of about 5000 square meters of land. It is every day cultivated and watered to offer freely to all the guests af Germagnana fresh vegetables of season, especially in summer.

Very tasty are the red and “wrinkled” tomatoes of San Miniato, the cucumbers, the salad, the courgettes, the egg-plants and the peppers; all the vegetables are always available for the guests of the Farm-house that could freely go to the kitchen garden and pick up fruits.

The same we can tell about the poultry pen, that is placed very next to the kitchen garden. Germagnana’s poultry pen contains – in the open air – six laying hens, three of which are white and three are red. So, the guests could enjopy every day fresh and stricly biological eggs.